A great roof starts with exceptional quality materials and that is Colorbond. Our installers work with the best and provide a top notch service with excellent workmanship to match the product.

We believe that quality roofing has to stand the test of time which is why we install why we use COLORBOND® steel. It is:

– Strong and durable, yet stylish

– Built for Australian conditions

– Environmentally friendly and thermally efficient

– Non-combustible and termite resistant

Backed by BlueScope Steel, COLORBOND® steel is a market leading brand in Australia. In fact, 9 out of 10 homes across the country feature products made from COLORBOND® steel.

The MRP Group installs lightweight, high-strength COLORBOND® steel with THERMATECH® solar reflectance technology which helps keep roofs cooler in summer and warmer in winter – allowing you to save on energy bills and stay comfortable. THERMATECH® helps reduce a building’s energy load, and it is available across a wide choice of roofing colours.

Talk to us today about a roof made from 100% recyclable COLORBOND® steel, the sustainable solution that’s built for Australia’s climate.

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