A warranty provides peace of mind in knowing that you are always covered and your home is safe and secure.  It is unlikely that you should ever need your warranty but it is there for your peace of mind.

At MRP Group NSW we offer a range of warranties that cover materials, performance and installation. These include:

MRP Group Installation Performance Warranty

7 years warranty on the performance of the installation of the products*.

BlueScope Steel Roofing Warranty

For new roofs made from COLORBOND® steel, the warranty covers up to 30 years against corrosion to perforation and up to 20 years against paint flake & peel, providing the following conditions are met*.

BlueScope Steel Eave Gutters and Downpipe Warranty

For new COLORBOND® steel residential gutters and downpipes, the warranty will cover you for up to 12 years against any paint flaking or peeling. It also covers you for up to 20 years against corrosion*.

This warranty only covers residential eave gutters and downpipes made from COLORBOND® steel or ZINCALUME® steel. It does not apply to fascia or box gutter applications*.

* Conditions apply


Visit the BlueScope Steel website for more detailed information on warranties, including a “ready reckoner”.