COLORBOND® is a coated steel roofing material that is long-lasting, highly resilient under the Australian weather, and makes any home or commercial building look incredibly stylish. Backed by BlueScope Steel, COLORBOND® steel is a market-leading brand in Australia. 

Don’t be limited to choice. Be inspired by the over 20+ standard colours available in the COLORBOND® steel range – all now with the advantage of the Thermatech® solar reflectance technology.


Although roof tiles have been used in Australian homes for the past 75 years, metal roofs, and COLORBOND® in particular, are quickly becoming the preferred roofing material in Australia for a myriad of reasons.


Strong and Durable
COLORBOND® is a very strong and sturdy material. It is resistant to chipping, peeling, and cracking. It can endure intense weather, unlike tiles which are more likely to blow off in strong winds. COLORBOND® requires very little maintenance as the colour is literally bonded to the metal, making it resistant to corrosion, too.


Resistant to the Elements
If you live in a bushfire-prone area, the non-combustible COLORBOND® is a wise choice. Corrugated metal sheets are so much easier to seal against flying embers and burning ash. Tried and tested for over 50 years in some of the harshest environments in Australia, COLORBOND® is also termite resistant and makes for a good decramastic roof replacement.


Flexible Design
Apart from giving your home a modern and minimalist look, COLORBOND® comes in different shades and colours for that uniquely beautiful facade. On top of that, roof sheeting is available in a range of profiles so as to match the design of your building.
COLORBOND® also offers a more efficient spanning capability. This means fewer columns are required throughout your home to support the roof, allowing you to open up your space more.


Due to the lightness of the material, there is almost no structural weight strain when using COLORBOND®. On the other hand, apart from being heavy on its own, terracotta gets even heavier during rainy weather because it absorbs water. When designing the roof support structure, this extra weight needs to be considered. With COLORBOND® roofs, you won’t need to worry about roof weight changes as they virtually absorb zero water.


Good Insulation
COLORBOND® is a highly thermally-efficient material. It will insulate your home from extreme heat and cold. Owing to the Thermatech® technology, COLORBOND® roofs boast reflective properties that bounce back penetrating heat. This naturally cools the house or building, allowing your air conditioner to function efficiently while reducing your building’s energy load. COLORBOND® also cools down quicker than tiles at night, especially when used in lighter colours.


Water runs off very easily from COLORBOND® roofing due to a bonded paint finish that seals moisture off. Instead of the water pooling in certain areas, as can happen with tiles, the steel roofing’s ridges are made to eliminate rainwater quickly and easily, minimising the risk for leakage.


As one of the most reused products, metal roofing is 100% recyclable. Due to its lightweight nature, it is easy and efficient to transport and contributes to less on-site wastage. Using COLORBOND® effectively reduces the environmental impact of building sites. Its Thermatech® technology allows less energy to be expended during hot and cold days.


Even though tiles are relatively cheaper, the final cost should factor in extra insulation, installation costs, and future maintenance required. With COLORBOND®, little maintenance and painting are necessary since colour is bonded into the material. Because a COLORBOND® roof is approximately 1/10th as heavy as a terracotta one, the frame supporting the roof will need not be complex. This effectively reduces the cost of installation, too.


Overall, COLORBOND® holds many advantages over the traditional tile roofing material. However, at the end of the day, your decision should be based on what roofing qualities and aesthetics you prefer and deem important. Call us now and let us discuss your next roofing project.