Why Use Steel Cladding

If you want your commercial building to have a more modern and minimalist appeal, quality steel cladding can certainly add a touch of luxury to your space.

Metal Roof Professionals Group (MRP) takes pride in our commercial wall cladding solutions that utilise high-quality COLORBOND® steel. The material is suited for industrial and commercial wall cladding applications due to its thermal efficiency that helps lower your building’s energy load. 

Apart from being durable and strong, COLORBOND® also adds character and functionality to your commercial space. There are many key benefits of using it for your walling requirements.

Strength and Durability

COLORBOND® steel is known to deliver long-life performance. With a baked-on paint finish and a corrosion-resistant base, it resists flaking, peeling, and cracking, unlike concrete. This renders COLORBOND® steel very easy to maintain, too. 

When installed according to the manufacturer’s recommendation, it is weather tight and secure. It is termite-resistant and non-combustible to suit the harsh Australian conditions.


With excellent spanning capabilities, COLORBOND® allows you to maximise the efficiency of your structural framing. It integrates extremely well with other building elements and materials as well.

Design Choices

The wealth of wall cladding profiles allows you to have more variety in texture and appearance to make your commercial space come full circle. There is also a wide choice of colours in the standard COLORBOND® steel range.

Thermal Efficiency

Wall cladding made from COLORBOND® steel helps control the amount of heat entering your room, especially on hot summer days. This allows your AC to function efficiently while reducing the energy load of your building. With excellent thermal performance, it meets all relevant Australian Standards (AS1397 and AS2728).

For the many walling options available, see the chart to select your style or call us now to discuss.